Buy Scrum A Design Phase

For years Scrum has existed without a design phase. Unfortunate Scrum teams were forced to do design while coding and testing.

How nuts is that?

Without an upfront design phase, Scrum teams missed out on the opportunity to go months without delivering any actual functionality.

Similarly, design errors were caught soon after they were made meaning teams lost out on the joy of working excessive overtime to re-architect major subsystems under deadline pressure.

It's time to fix this.

It's time to make Scrum a full-on methodology rather than just a framework.

Just as peanut butter needs jelly, Scrum needs a big, upfront design phase. Please contribute today.

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Scrum gets a design phase

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Scrum also gets a testing phase!

Your contribution lets Scrum teams build software products the natural way--with no testing until it's too late to fix most defects.

Estimated delivery: Don't hold your breath

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Scrum gets a Project Manager!

Everyone knows that a self-organizing team needs a strong hand at the wheel overseeing every decision.

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